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Mining litecoin - simple about difficult

Mining litecoin - simple about difficult

Bitcoin and litecoin no longer just an electronic currency that never accepted and will not be displayed. This currency is accepted in many online games and online stores. Even more so now, you can buy a car for yourself or arrange litecoin space travel.

Litecoin, though not as common as Bitcoin. Perhaps this is due to the fact that litecoin was founded in 2011, which means that Bitcoins under 3 years. Besides, litecoin is only fork Bitcoins.

However, the total amount of emissions litecoin exactly four times larger than its parent, and it is on this indicator based cryptocurrency.

Zaheshirovannaya currency

Unlike its parent - Bitcoin, Litecoin able to handle more transactions, also is faster. Litecoin speed depends on the part of generation units, and therefore, in the "legkomonetnoy" cryptocurrency spend less time on the procedure for generating units. Blocks - a special structure for recording transactions, and they are generated by cyclically hashing. The box consists of a header (includes a hash function, a hash function of the previous block, a hash function and some service transaction information) and a list of transactions. Successful generation of the new unit shall be for a fee, and the search process unit - Mining.

So Mining (Eng. Mining - mining) is the search for a suitable hash function to form a newly found blocks. For each such unit generated miner receives 50 litecoin (LTC).

For those who are familiar with Bitcoin Mining, mining Litecoin seem absolutely similar. However, it is not. Despite all the similarities, both in Bitcoin and Litecoin amount of compensation is halved every 4 years. Coins miner gets more precisely Litecoin: by more (much more), the rate of this cryptocurrency.

Mining is good, first of all, that there is no single issuing center, which means - production treasured coin not controlled by anyone. Therefore, the appropriateness of mining is evident.

All this kriptoworld

Thriving mining and industrial scale of the world are a variety of mining companies that are part of the ecosystem cryptocurrency. Miner industrial scale cryptocurrency considered as a kind of medium of exchange, a tool.

Companies-called miners mining-farms and their number is increasing every day exponentially. Here is a picture that went around the internet.

It stands with a lot of chips on one of these mining farms in Hong Kong. These chips are designed specifically for mining, they replaced the super power of computer processors, and it should be noted, very fruitful work.

What benefit cryptocurrency from companies - you may ask - because they suck out not money. No, I'm not in vain said Mining farm - part of the ecosystem exchange, they provide the security of the entire network, and "a little" currency - a payment for the works.

However, the mining industry is not only a farm, there is also a harvester for these fems and independent "farmers" -miner.

For mining companies, beaten and server manufacturers and machinery for mining, which can simply be called harvesters. Most of these companies is the region of Eurasia: from Hong Kong to a Belgian company AsicMiner CryptX. Their products are quite popular in the industrial mining, but the "Mining for one" yet refuses such machines. Most likely, this is due to lack of information on harvesters and producers.

However, in this flora and fauna of the inhabitants of the ecosystem cryptocurrency ends. There is another very important term for mining - the pool.

Poole - an association of hundreds of thousands of miners into a single unit: if found new unit - each receives a share proportional contribution to the cause. That is, the pool works as a server distribution tasks Miner within the pool. But, of course, not free. Poole, more precisely, those who created and administers, taking his commission for the use.

And finally, there is that the power of your computer or video card is not enough, then the server for mining can be rented. Many hosting companies "borrow" their future Miner server for the job. One of the most popular landlords - Machoster.

Mining now, after mining

The world's first cryptocurrency - Bitcoin is shrouded in mystery from the beginning, from the very birth. The creator or creators of the exchange are not known, but it is the Chinese investors first noticed cryptocurrency. The first advantage cryptocurrency - lack of control of any government, and the second - the freedom of financing the purchase of freedom, the freedom of payments, etc., that is - financial freedom from the foreign exchange market is real, and not a cyber rates.

Nevertheless, the Chinese just as quickly lost interest in cryptocurrency. More specifically, the Chinese CenterBank forced to give up the cyber-euphoria.

Cryptocurrency lost huge market demand as China, but still remains a center of mining Kong.

Incidentally, Hong Kong may soon get re chock-of-town of bitcoin-mining in litecoin-mining. Firstly, because more than half of the available (21 million) bitcoins already "earned" and Litecoin available in 84 million of which less than one-fourth of. Second bitcoin mining losing its profitability.

So it is quite possible that the future of business is for Litecoin.

Mining Litecoin - just the complex

So, let's look at the actual mining: what it is and how to teach their cherished coin. Let's start, obviously, with the creation of Litecoin-wallet. Go to the official website, select the Russian language and download the client. The client can be downloaded for most operating systems.

In the category of software, you can also download the latest version of the purse to work with their savings.
Very important! You will be hard Mine, if:
you have a Windows below version 7;
Your graphics card has less than 2 GB of memory.

This is especially true of those who will be using Mein Ethereum. In general, a good idea to immediately solve any pool will Maina. They exist a great many find them is not difficult - just type in a search engine litecoin mining pools and choose. I must say, we Mein using the pool wemineltc.

Also it would be great just to orient how fast your processor and video card will work, it can be found here:

So, our purse to download, install it:

While all synchronized, as we shall see Main. Here is our newly created (or has not) purse. Synchronization will last a long time - this is the norm!

To direct the process of mining, we need another program GUIminer - exactly it will produce Manet Litecoin. Only carefully, if you decide not only on Mayne Litecoin, this program will not fit. The program can be downloaded from the official website - just enter «GUIminer». By the way, the time to visit the site and register with pool:

After you register and login you will be here this page:

Next, go to My Account -> My Workers and create workers`. There is a rule: the number of cards = quantity workers`. We have one system with one card, thus worker is also going to be one. Click update and return to GUIminer - set.

After starting the fill required fields. Enter the model of the video card and the field "Thread ...", "Vectors", "Worksize" - filled automatically. In the fields "Username" and "Password" trying to drive our worker`s name, host and port on the page of the pool:

So, it means the host -, and the port, respectively - 3333. You can choose any other, perhaps, it will be even more expedient, but we take the first.

When all fields are filled in, click Start! and successfully Main.