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In this section you will find a program to work with a score in the Litecoin. We gathered the latest versions of the software in one place, you do not have to look for the right application for your operating system, test it for compatibility, check for viruses and so on. Presented modification programs for Litecoin-score already checked and tested - you can only find the right and download it to your device.

What is the litecoin wallet?

Purse, or wallet, provides you with a complete set of features to manage cash account in a decentralized system Litecoin:

1) You can save money, move them between the wallets, to receive and send in payment for goods and services.

2) Using a software interface gives you access to personal data, control file, update the system as necessary.

3) The program provides you with the statistics committed by operations, allows the account, establish a list of trusted participants in the system, and so on.

To enjoy all this, just download the wallet Litecoin on your device for installation. Thanks to our website, to make it even easier than before.

Select the desired version, download and install

Here you can download the latest version of the wallet to work with their savings, intended for use on a device with OS:

1) Microsoft Windows or with a word length of 64 bits

2) Apple iOS — for iPhone or iPad;

3) Android или Blackberry — mobile;

4) Apple MacOS, Linux, GNU;

5) Litecoin Core Github.

You can set Litecoin-wallet in automatic mode, so that there will be no compatibility problems and other inconveniences. We check for new versions and offer you only the most recent software.

Information support from professionals

By using our services, you will not only receive the guaranteed serviceable, safe and easy to manage a program for the use of all the advantages of the system. We also support you as needed:

1) Tell us how to carry out the installation and configuration.

2) Explain how to create with the downloaded software litecoin wallet to get started.

3) We will answer questions relating to the sending and receiving money, as well as with any other software functions.

Use only approved program, do not feel any discomfort, do not expose the accumulation risks. We have gathered in this section the best software, so you can connect to the system Litecoin and start to enjoy it no matter what device you have.

Download the correct version now! We are always ready to answer questions you may have.