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Who created the Litecoin?

Who created the Litecoin?

The emergence litecoin associated with other cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. They appeared much earlier, and became the prototype for all cryptocurrency. Creator Litecoin - Charles Lee. He developed his own version of the algorithm, and published in late 2011, the first version of the open-source - that is, users are able to observe how the program works.

As is the case with Bitcoin, the creators cryptocurrency knows quite a bit, so there are all sorts of rumors and speculation, starting from the assumption, that in fact a group of programmers developed Litecoin, and ending with the global financial conspiracy theories. However, the only recognized and confirmed by worldwide information - about Charles Lee and his author's project.

Other client software that can be used to carry out transactions with litecoin, developed by third-party programmers from different countries. You can choose: to use "native" client or download another program of your choice.