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The winning trading strategy on the cryptocurrency market

The winning trading strategy on the cryptocurrency market

For successfully trade on the market not enough to know the theoretical basics - you need to calculate your actions a few steps forward. Experienced traders to get a guaranteed profit use a variety of trading strategies, and one of them we will discussed in this article.

Let it as «BTC-e strategy". It is quite simple and it will bring you a minimum monthly income of 50% of the capital.

So, let's begin.

The first thing to do - choose the trading platform: BTC-e, EXMO, E-coin - any, where you can trade Litecoin. In our example, we will focus on BTC-e Exchange. To begin with, you need to register an account on the service and submit to the personal account at least $ 10-20. You can do it with your litecoin wallet.

On the home page of market you can see all the pairs trading, schedule and order book. First of all, we turn our attention to the cryptocurrency price and the number of applications offered at the moment (it should be at least 7-10 applications from two Litecoin).

By choosing the desired currency pair (for example, litecoin-dollar), we pay attention to the candlestick chart. You can analyze the market situation, see the highs and lows of prices on demand.

The most reliable and valuable indicators are the 5, 15, 30-minute intervals. If the price fluctuation of 1-3% (remained at the same level), do not rush to buy this currency. The same can be said, if the price rises quickly - better to wait for more concrete indicators.

If prices move down to 5-20% per day, you can feel free to look closely to this currency. If the rate falls more than 30%, it shows lack of confidence in this currency.

Under the schedule arranged columns, which shows the sell and buy application.

If you want to buy the currency, and has a sufficiently large volume of applications among the exposed, it is better to wait. If the large sell orders exposed at the market at the same time, which, moreover, are close to each other - this may indicate that large traders sell the currency, and it can lead to a reversal of the course down. A similar situation with orders-buy, on the contrary - can indicate about fast rate growing.

Do not forget that short-term charts signaled about the better deal. If the graph line is sent down, it's time to fill your buy-order.

Specify the desired rate the amount you're willing to spend in your order. It is recommended not to put more than 50% of the balance. Then confirm your request.

The next table immediately affects the bought currency. Now fill the sell-order. To determine the sales price, multiply the purchase price at 1.05. In this case, in a successful transaction you will receive 5% of revenue (net of fees 0.2%). Slowly but surely, around 20 such transactions per month, will give you almost 100% profit, which is already quite good.

And now the bad news. Unfortunately, not always the predictions about the course motion come true. You can minimize the losses, signing the application not more than 50% of total assets, and to complete the transaction by cancelling your application and install the new sale. You can slightly reduce the losses by analizing the last two cases, when the rate moved up. You need to put the sell-order on its maximum values of growth - it gives you an opportunity to avoid the 3% drop rate.

Do not worry about the lost sum - you win back its by future profits. The main thing - do not panic, and be firm and confident.

Another advice: if you see that the currency liquidity rate (over 15%) decreases rapidly, do not rush to put a sell-order with a margin of 7% or more. It is better to put 5% - quietly steady wins the race.

Now you are familiar with the strategy that brings real money.

Be confident in your actions and good luck!