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The best miners for litecoin mining

The best miners for litecoin mining

Mining cryptocurrency - is a "Klondike" of the 21st century. "Gold fever" swept the miners all over the world due to the enduring popularity of crypto gold and silver. The more people learn about cryptocurrency, the more difficult it becomes to produce it. Therefore there is an urgent need to improve devices to be better than rivals.

The equipment production for mining has become a real arms race, as each tries to outdo a competitor and take the lead.

To do this, you must consider several factors: the equipment must be equipment must be powerfull, fast and energy efficient enough. Despite the high cost of these devices, they are popular among the miners, because allow to extract the coins faster. So, let's begin.

1. AsicMiner occupies a leading place among the equipment for litecoin production. In addition to producing miners, the company is actively involved in the latest developments, constantly improves its quality. Almost all cryptofarms of China work only on AsicMiner equipment.

Among the range of products, the most preference is given to Block Erupter Cube model. This device is accelerated to 38,4 Gh/s and consumes 250 watts at a sufficiently compact size (136 х 153 х 148 mm). Asik has a powerful, but quiet built-in 12-inch fan. In the case of fan failure, the device automatically turns off.

It is recommended to buy one more power supply unit not less than 200 W in addition to each card to run Asik more efficiently.

2. Bitburner Fury - the Belgian equipment, that win the miners disposition. It is equipped with 16-Asik chips, allowing mining fast enough.

Miner is equipped with a single fan. For more effective Asiks work (100 Gh / s), it is recommended to install an additional air cooling. The miner is not included power supply - you need to purchase it separately. It should be noted that the power supply capacity must be at least 400 watts. On average miner consumes about 200 watts.

3. Bitmain AntMiner S1 - the Chinese miner, who developers take pride in their own innovations. The last innovation - processor with 8 cores. Miner S1 is powerful enough - accelerated to 180 Gh/s, while consuming about 200 watts. The device works independently from the PC, but this requires an additional configuration. The miner has one fan, however, for a more efficient work of the device, it is recommended to install another one.

If you decide to purchase this Asik, be patience. You can buy it only through an auction.

4. Coincraft Desk - Asik of Swiss company Bitmine, which allow users to assemble their own device or purchase already "done". The "zero" assembly of miner is an empty box, where you can place up to 10 cards with a capacity of 200 Gh/s for each. "The complete package" will cost users about $10 000. The set includes power supply for 220 watts.

5. Prospero X - miner of Chinese company BlackArrow, which offers users a device with 16 chips, the total capacity of 40 Gh/s. The kit includes a processor, power supply and Ethernet.

From the latest developments of the company - an analog device, the X3 model. Miner equipped with 10 cards and 2 chips 100 Gh/s for each. Such a powerful Asik costs about $6000.

6. TerraMiner 4 - Asik of CoinTerra Company, has 120 hash-blocks 500 Gh/s for each. Miner has two printed circuit boards, with 2 chips GoldStrike I on each of them. In addition, the boards are equipped with its own liquid cooling systems and heat exchangers, for which are provided three cooling fans. The cost of such Asik will cost about $6,000.