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Localbitcoins market without intermediators

Localbitcoins market without intermediators

LocalBitcoins - is a decentralized service for Bitcoin trading. It works without intermediators and trades directly between traders. Descry the market in more detail.

You won't see any schedules or any exchange glasses on this market - only a long list of buy/sell currency orders. This is how this market works. A special feature is the Bitcoin sale not only online, but also for cash; after registration service determines the location of the user and offers deals nearby.

Market has a user-friendly interface with English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese languages.

To place your Bitcoin buy/sell order, you need to register and be authorized. There are 70 currency pairs available for users, including classic and cryptocurrency. Market also provides an affiliate program.

LocalBitcoins charges fee to the Bitcoin sellers in the amount of 1% of the order for using the service, but transactions between services wallets are absolutely free. According to users, this market is useful for making small transactions.

Market team has developed a sufficiently customer support system: traders have chat, community forums and various video tutorials. This greatly simplifies the use of the service, especially for beginners.

To protect user data area market using two-factor authentication to log in to account and Login guard to protect against unauthorized browsers. For money protection service uses the deposit system.