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How to earn on cryptocurrency faucet?

How to earn on cryptocurrency faucet?

Are you interested in cryptocurrency and want to try yourself as a miner? It is not necessarily to buy or rent immediately an expensive equipment, search for and join pools or cloud mining services. You can try yourself as miner at the following faucets websites. This article will introduce you the most popular sites and tell you how to find and check faucet for work and earning cryptocurrency.

What faucet is and how it works?

Faucet - is a site on which you have some reward for the action. Faucets are different from each other only in the way a call to action: some faucets asked to enter a captcha or e-wallet; the other - to play in the wheel of fortune; and the third - play in the lottery.

Typically, the amount of reward varies from 1000 to 3000 Litoshi for 5-10 minutes (each faucet has its remuneration).

Now consider the sites, work on which is safe, and the rewad is paid on regular basis.

Moon Litecoin - free Litecoin faucet. Unlike other faucets you can collect coins as often as you want, instead of once an hour or once a day, as most of the cryptocurrency faucets. You can get Litoshi every 5 minutes. The more time passes between pressing, the higher will be the amount of earnings. To start earning, enter the address of your Litecoin wallet. Reward will be paid once a week. You can increase your income from this site, using the referral link. To get it, click «refer».

Another popular site for Litecoin earnings - Litecoinjackpot. To get started, enter the address of the Litecoin wallet, enter captcha and click on «Request Litecoin». Each press on the button will bring you 4000 Litoshi. Payments are made 4 times a day, if you use your wallet. The wallets balance should be at least 200 000 Litoshi for withdrawal your funds. Also, this site offers a referral program: share the link of the faucet and get an additional 500 Litoshi for each time.

To earn 5000 Litoshi every 5 minutes you can on the website JustGetLTC. It also requires putting wallet address. After confirming the captcha, click «Get reward», and collect the coveted "silver". This faucet also has a referral link - share it and get 20% of referral commission.

The BoxLitecoin faucet - play the game for a reward. After entering the wallet address and the captcha, the visitor sees 25 boxes. Each box is hiding a different amount of coins. Choose and click on any one you like. After 20 attempts, it is possible to look directly into the 5 boxes. All coins, you have earned, added up to the internal balance. Get your reward you can once a week, on Sunday.

What is the benefit for faucet owners?

Certainly, many people are interested in the question - what is the benefit to give cryptocurrency for free? If you have visited faucet sites, you may pay attention to the huge number of advertisements that are placed there. Selling space for advertisements, faucet holders not only cover their costs but also earn good money.

To make a profit on a regular basis, the owners of some of the faucets resort to various "tricks": they mask the treasured button under the ad style and place it between the advertisements. All this is done to confuse the visitor and get the desired action - click on the advertising block.

Before visiting a new faucet - ask about it in the discussion forums. It may be that it is - bad site, where you can earn only the "virus" instead the Litoshi.