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How to choose a pool for mining litecoin?

How to choose a pool for mining litecoin?
If you have already got own farm and are ready to start mine cryptocurrency, there is a one question: what is the best way to work - by yourself or via the pool? 

The reason for the question is obvious: everyone gets what he deserves. But if we ignore the factor of greed and look objectively at the situation, there is more likely to produce the currency faster in the pool, as the saying goes "one head - well, while two - better".

If you've made a choice in favor of the pool, you should know more details to understand what is right for you. So, let's begin.

As you may have guessed, there are so many different pools (Miners connects): there are those that produce a particular currency; those that produce different cryptocurrency; those who mined only profitable "coins". But you must also pay attention to the methods of payment in the pool. They are different too. As a rule, among the most popular types of payment are PPS, PROP и PPLNS. But first things first.

Pools for one type of currency. If you are interested only in Litecoin (or Bitcoin) mining, pool for a particular currency is the most convenient for you. As long as that network, through which you earn your coveted LTC, didn't join the other miners - you have a good opportunity to earn. But as soon as the number of earners increases, your reward decreases, reducing the opportunity to return on investments of your equipment.

Only, GiveMeCoins, WeMineLTC, LiteGuardian.

Multi-pools. As you may guessed, multi-pools work with several types of cryptocurrency. Moreover, you can automatically switch from one "coin" to another, depending on its profitability. You do not have to follow the cryptocurrency rates or its position in the market - the pool will do everything for you, and as soon as a certain currency has become more cost-effective - switching for its mining.

Multi-pools:Multipool, HashFaster.

IPOMiner. If you like to risk and analyze, this type of pool is for you. Select the currency you want to produce and, based on its profitability, mine it through IPOMiner. If you bet on a new currency, you can buy it for "penny", and to sell at the maximum. The main thing - not to remove the hand from the market rate, constantly monitor the market mood and sell "coins" when the price is on the peak.

Now look at the most popular forms of payment in pools:

PPS (pay-per-share). This type means to pay for each share, that was found. Thus, miners have the ability to instantly receive their reward, and withdraw funds without waiting for confirmation of the block. The pool provides a more regular payment for miners despite the finding of irregularities blocks. But for such loyalty, pool establishes the fee, so some miners may have smaller reward, than usual for the unit.

PPS-pools: LTCRabbit,, LiteGuardian.

PROP. With this type of payment, the pool allocates the consideration between earners proportionately, according to the share of each miner per round.

PROP-pools: Multipool, HashFaster.

PPLNS (pay-per-last-N-shares). The most common form of payment. Pool, works with this type of payments, pay miners for the past added share, despite of the round.

PPLNS-pools: GiveMeCoins, WeMineLTC.

So, the choice is yours. If you are using the ASIC, be sure to set the variable complexity of your pool, otherwise you run the risk of not achieving your goals and spend your time on the meager share of production.