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Cryptocurrency market Cryptonite

Cryptocurrency market Cryptonite

Cryptonite market - is the safe place for bitcoin / litecoin trading, as well as other cryptographic and national currencies.

Developed and registered in the UK market is popular for experienced traders and ordinary users, who want to buy / sell or trade Bitcoins or Litecoins. The service supports 11 trading pairs with such currencies: BTC, LTC, PPC, NMC, DOG, EUR, USD.

The market has a fairly simple interface and a simple registration process, however, not all traders like the external design of the trading graphics and order book. The service offers a fairly extensive list of interface languages, including Russian, English, Spanish, French, Chinese and others (13 languages are available).

Cryptonite does not insist on mandatory verification

Cryptonite does not insist on mandatory verification, but without it the user is limited in most of the features: without verification trader charged with the larger fee size; set a limit on foreign exchange transactions, there is no possibility to use certain payment systems to replenish or withdraw funds. The service requires to give more detailed information about the users that have not been verified.

Besides the fees, the service also has a limit on the size of assets under buy / sell foreign currency, as well as the daily limit of market transaction size. The number of days to complete the operation is from one to four.

Cryptonit market provides users with a referral program that allows you to earn and also maintains a list of referrals for each user, which can be found in users account.

If you have some questions, you can communicate with the support team: via the web form, phone, ticketing system or e-mail. Also you can use the service to find the necessary documentation, or question / answer in the FAQ.

To protect the data, market uses Google authenticator, YubiKey authentication, eMail authenticator, and OpenID.