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Keep, receive and send any cryptocurrency quickly and safely! Multicurrency online coinwallet won the trust of users around the whole world and can rightly be regarded as the reliable and effective resource, that provides quality services to its users.

Interface: English

Mobile application for a wallet: none

Security: SSL-encrypted traffic, SHA-512

Security level: High

Convenient and easy to use online wallet works with more than 40 cryptocurrencies and allows users to create up to 50 unique addresses for each currency, which is stored in the wallet.

Advantages of wallet :

- No commission for wallet replenishment;

- Simple interface;

- Easy registration and wallet creation;

- The ability to make transactions from any computer;

- The ability to create up to 50 unique addresses for each currency, which is stored in the wallet;

- High level of data protection.

Disadvantages of wallet:

- Fee on the cryptocurrency withdraw;

- The minimum amount for transaction executions for each currency;

How it works?

First of all, user need to register and login. Next, select the desired currency from the list and press the button "wallet". Here you can send the currency or to find out your address to get money on the wallet.

Currency withdrawal is quite easy process: you need to specify the address of the recipient and the amount of money you want to send. The resource automatically calculates the commission rate for each currency. The transaction is done successfully, if you have received more than 6 confirmations from the resource.

Is it safe to use Coinwallet?

This cryptocurrency wallet has a high level of user data protection. The passwords are equipped with SHA512 hashing, and all site connections are protected by SSL-encryption.