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6 - ways to get Litecoin

6 - ways to get Litecoin
Mining and other cryptocurrency litecoin is a very good option for a living, if you look, and be able to take the place in this niche. And the methods of obtaining litecoin quite a lot, and in this article we will help you to understand how the same method would be best to get cryptocurrency.

In what is the best way to get cryptocurrency?

1) The first and most popular way - mining. Using computational power of your home computer or a specially assembled devices (farm), you are helping to create new blocks, and it gets due reward - to extract litecoin, Bitcoin cryptocurrency or other, depending on what you choose. The advantage of this method of litecoin is reliable, and the popularity of this method, as well as its high efficiency, provided that you have a relatively high computational abilities. It is with the help of mining and mined the principal amount of all litecoin. However, the popularity of this method, you can also ascribe to the downside, because the more producing a sufficiently powerful computers, the less profit. Another disadvantage is the fact that in recent years almost all the profits from Meiningen is divided between large farms, thereby depriving the earning potential users. The solution can only participate in the pools, a separate collection of farm (which, however, requires tangible investments) or the transition to the new cryptocurrency that is protected by the monopoly of large companies.

For details on this method, see the section Mining.

2) The next way - so the title of "taps" are handed out for free Bitcoins. Despite the fact that this sounds quite unreliable, in fact, these sites really offer cryptocurrency for free, but the amount is very small, and these sites are aimed at what would be introducing new miners from the mining area litecoin and receiving first real money, albeit small. In fact, it was the original task. Another further object of the "crane" is stirring cryptocurrency streams, making it difficult to track the ways of existing transactions. Earnings sites also lies in the fact that the site-tap to advertise, and the owner of the site is only shared with the users part of the profits from advertising in this very cryptocurrency.

"Cranes" - Litecoin distribute for free.

In most cases, sites cranes provide free exchange of all of the input captures (though there are sites and without her input), and his Bitcoin address. Payments ranged from a few dozen to several hundred Satoshi (another cryptocurrency, which has a course in 1 to 0. 00000001 Bitcoin).
3) The third way - Bushes or PTC-sites. In the case of PTC sites you get litecoin cryptocurrency or other, because look advertising, thereby obtaining a portion of the payment for this ad. Such sites act as an intermediary between users and advertisers, getting a percentage of ad viewing each user. Thus, everyone in this chain is fully satisfied.

In the case of PTC sites you get litecoin cryptocurrency or other, because look advertising, thereby obtaining a portion of the payment for this ad.

However, because of the existence of automated clicks, and there are many ways of fraud, allowing users to earn without a direct view. Therefore, many such sites, using PTC circuit actually try to sell no additions or existing services in an attempt to make by such fraud. And if you decide to choose this method of production litecoin, then you need to pay attention to the services provided by the selected "bush" and if the website offers additional contributions from you, be careful.

4) Games - this is another, and a very original way to obtain litecoin that allows you to make directly during gameplay. However, there are several different principles on which is constructed to obtain cryptocurrency through games.

Get litecoin via games.

The first - a free reception of the game, in exchange for return of computing capacity of the computer during this. This scheme is similar to the model adware, where instead of payment for the game, the developers are paid to the built-in advertising. 

The second option - the direct production cryptocurrency during the game due to the use of a personal computer as a means to calculate. The only difference between the two - the payment is received in the second case.

The advantage of this method is a broad base of games, among which everyone will be able to find himself something to taste, as well as, easy process of obtaining resources. However, the downside can be attributed to the low level of earnings and, sometimes, fraud on the part of developers, in the form of non-payment, although it is quite rare.

5) Another method of obtaining litecoin - is as payment for some, work done or services provided. In Europe and the United States - this is a common phenomenon, the existence of online stores, supermarkets, and even ATMs where you can use different cryptocurrency or exchange for dollars and euros, however, these methods we are just beginning to gain popularity. However, litecoin are increasingly being used as a payment between the employer and employee. One of the advantages of economic relations over the traditional, is the stability of the course, the convenience of sending and virtually no additional taxes or interest. And for the transaction sufficient that the sender and recipient are registered their addresses on one of the exchanges or sharing sites litecoin.

Litecoin are increasingly being used as a payment between the employer and employee.

Advantages of this calculation is the fact that the recipient can save the currency as an investment or to translate it into appropriate currency at any time. By cons, it is possible to carry the practical impossibility of direct use cryptocurrency the CIS.

6) The next opportunity to obtain litecoin proceeds from the previous one. You can easily receive and transmit litecoin for purchasing a variety of products. For example, you can order some appliances, game, application, or service in the Internet field, and easy to pay litecoin or Bitcoin, but still, not all services accept them. As mentioned above, in some countries (USA, China, UK) are already integral shops, which can be calculated using cryptocurrency.

You can easily receive and transmit litecoin for purchasing a variety of products.

And precisely because of this method of producing litecoin, mining is banned in some states, as some users are used to exchange cryptocurrency a solicitation or trade. However, this does not mean that ordinary purchases are dangerous.

7) However, there is really no safe ways to obtain litecoin who certainly are tricked and sent only to the fact that to get your money. By such a method include the so-called "Doublers cryptocurrency". Such sites claim that after your contribution to their service, your money for a certain time will be doubled, then tripled, etc. In fact, their only purpose - to provide to you a large sum and transfer it to your account, so you lose money, but the scammers earn them.

"Doublers cryptocurrency" - not safe methods for obtaining litecoin. Use only trusted sites and resources.

On the Internet there are many sites, doublers, as a completely unique, and repeats the style known Exchanges / sites Meiningen, however - they are all, without exception, only attracting investment that after the deposit is not returned to you either in double or even in the original size. Therefore, it is best to use only trusted sites and resources involved in mining, which you can find in our articles, and to learn in detail about them all the information.