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Some people are just beginning to explore the use of cryptocurrency think that Litecoin use only for some specific transactions and that, overall, this currency is worthless. If you think the same, then we hasten to reassure you: every litecoin can spend just as the dollar, the euro, the hryvnia, the ruble or any other currency to buy a product or service. Because the virtual currency, payment is always done online, but otherwise no different. You pay a specified amount, the seller provides you a service or a product passes.

You do not know where to spend Litecoin?

In this section, we have compiled a list of stores where you can pay litecoin. Of course, take them far from each vendor, but in any segment of the Internet you will find hundreds of thousands of authoritative, confirmed sites where deals are made including using cryptocurrency. This section of our website is just such a dedicated online shopping. For you, we have collected information on trading platforms, you do not have to search for them and risk their own financial interests, after all the money bill like and respect, even if the money - cryptocurrency.

Perhaps you do not even imagine what opportunities open up in front of you when you own some amount litecoin. By accessing the Internet in shops, taking Litecoin, you can make all kinds of transactions in the same way as is usually done in the online stores. Only in this way more and not worry about the fact that someone will remain your personal or contact details, bank details or other sensitive information. Make trades, as you already know, you can not binding and other identification procedures.

How to make a safe deal, paying litecoin?

Information in this section will help you to choose among those stores that have confirmed their integrity and proved that they can be trusted. You can spend Litecoin for the purchase of necessary goods and services to you, do not face the risk of frauds. The deal is a more safe and protected in comparison with the majority of transactions on the Internet for several reasons:

1. Transfer of funds is carried out directly and verified once the entire network.

2. The buyer does not need to be registered and identity - he does not need any data other than the purse seller.

3. After the transaction at the disposal of the seller does not remain any confidential information that would put the buyer's interests at risk.

We monitor new sites on the Internet, check the performance of existing, carefully monitor so that at your disposal has always been a list of the most honest and trustworthiness of sites hosting litecoin. All you need to do is select an online store, visit it, choose a product and make a deal - no more risks and uncertainties you will not. Use litecoin with the same ease with which you use other currencies in your wallet, bank cards or accounts of electronic payment systems.

Shops, accepting Litecoin: – online pet shop. In this service you will find everything you need for your pet - from food till toys and decorations, and wil pay for purchases via cryptocurrency: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Darkcoin. The petshop will appreciate you with fast delivery all over the world, as well as a simple and multilingual interface. – look for a baby gift, a new computer or new parts for your car? Then you - on the right track! service provides goods of any category with the fast delivery in any country with pay-per-cryptocurrency. Shop accepts LTC, BTC and XDG.

Btctrip – like to travel? Now you can do it using cryptocurrency! Book a hotel and a flight anywhere in the world with, pay a visit via litecoin, bitcoin or dogecoin. Service will appreciate you with friendly interface, a wide choice of flights and hotels, as well as low prices. – you can not just buy any necessary item for cryptocurrency, but also sell it with this service. It is a kind of message board, where you can buy or sell new or used items. Accepted cryptocurrency LTC and BTC.– the online store, where you can buy everything you need for everyday life: household appliances, electronics, sports goods, clothing, etc. Service has been working more than three years, making a delivery anywhere in the world. You can pay for purchases via litecoin, bitcoin, dashcoin or dogecoin.

Allthingsluxury – online jewelry store. Purchase jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals at below the market prices! Think white gold ring, inlaid with precious stones for $ 20 - is a dream? The store AllthingsLuxury has a permanent system of shares, which allows you to purchase jewelry with discounts up to 70%! Shop accepts LTC and BTC.