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What the shortcomings have Litecoin?

What the shortcomings have Litecoin?

As in all close to perfect the system Litecoin has its disadvantages. They are specific, but undeniable:

1. In most countries Litecoin not considered an official means of payment. As it is not conducted and the reporting of tax documents, they can not pay off in many stores, including virtual ones.

2. You are responsible for the safety of his purse. In this respect, cryptocurrency much closer to the traditional paper money than virtual. If you lose your wallet file, no one will be able to reimburse you for damages as well as lost can not be re-printed note. Therefore, to back up the file and follow its safety you should own.

There are other disadvantages, although they are quite controversial. For example, consider whether the lack of the fact that the rights of users of the system are not protected by law Litecoin? Rights of holders of traditional currencies are protected, but they are still constantly deceive and steal money, blocking the accounts and devalue. Litecoin owners still find themselves in a better position, even though they have fewer guarantees.