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Online wallet Coinkite

Online wallet Coinkite

Make instant Litecoin sending with service Coinkite, recharging online wallet via terminal, credit card or bank account. Simple, fast and reliable!

Interface: English

Mobile application for a wallet: available for IOS and Android

Security: two-factor authentication (2FA): google-authenticator, confirmation via SMS or e-mail

Security level: High

Cryptocurrency online wallet Coinkite, created by canadian developers, enables to quickly and safely perform Litecoin and Bitecoin transactions.

Advantages of the wallet:

- No commission for wallet replenishment;

- Simple interface;

- Easy registration and opening an account;

- Available mobile version for IOS and Android;

- Two-factor authentication;

- A high level of data protection.

Disadvantages of wallet:

- Fee on the cryptocurrency withdraw (0,01-0,05%);

- The amount of the commission depends on the size of the transaction.

How it works?

To start using this resource, you have to register, log in and create a wallet. In your accaunt are available such features as input and output of currency (Litecoin or Bitecoin). You can also view your balance and history of transactions.

This web wallet does not charge for input - only for output. Coinkite allows the user to select the size of the commission. For large transactions resource suggests applying the percentage allocation for services (0.05%, 0.1%, 0.5%), as it allows you to perform the operation in a matter of minutes. Coinkite also recalls that the speed and efficiency of the transaction and its confirmation depends on the size of the commission, which is deducted for Miner.

Is it safe to use Coinkite?

Besides the standard 2FA-protection, resource has created an unique scheme of Multi-Signature - the signing of the transaction can participate from one to fifteen users. Also, as general, resource can not keep keys or store one and more backup keys in the case of the loss by users. If you do not use multi-signature, storage of private keys is carried out only on the operator's side. However, in the case of hardware failure or closing service, Coinkite promises to send symmetric keys, which you can use to import transactions in the local wallet.