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Mining at home

Mining at home

Mining Bitcoin - a function of the maintenance work of the global network, and receiving the card for it in a special currency - Bitcoin. At first glance it seems quite complicated, but once you start, you get comfortable and just a couple of weeks.

So, first it should be said that the Mining appeared only in 2009, and its creator is a Satoshi Nakamoto, who just a year of work on the project has managed to earn 1.5 million Bitcoins that at the current exchange rate is approximately $ 200 million. Of course, over time, became involved in mining more and more people and getting Bitcoins are becoming more complex and the demand for equipment grew.

In 2010 and 2011, could effectively Mein almost any owner of a PC, and later have required more powerful machines, and now, even these models would be ineffective, the best option is to use special equipment, such as ASIC for mining litecoin. Compared with conventional graphics comparable to their power, ASIC consumes about 20 times less kilowatts and provides excellent performance in a second hashes.

However, if you want to extract litecoin on existing PCs, or you are going to build it specifically for this task, here are some tips on the selection of components:

1) The power supply must be chosen as powerful, in order that the video cards have enough power.

2) Processor can take virtually any, as well as memory and a hard disk - they do not play a key role in this process.

3) But the motherboard is to provide special attention to, and to choose it is necessary, depending on the number of pci-e slot and the planned number of cards. After all, the motherboard will determine the power of your device for mining litecoin.

4) And the most important element in your future PC - card. There are fairly broad possibilities: you may like to use a 1-2 "top" video cards, and virtually any available to you the amount of weaker models (for example, using extension cords, adapters pci-e, you can increase this number to 6 or more). As for the make and model, it is best to use a graphics card Radeon, 5xxx series and higher.

Also, there is the possibility of creating special farms for a successful single of mining. However, you should immediately evaluate the possibility of cooling and energy supply of the entire system, and it requires an additional expenditure of effort and resources.

New miner could face the question of what is a single mining, and so called, pools, and what better than this?

New miner could face the question of what is a single mining, and so called, pools, and what better than this?

A single mining - a self-study mining litecoin, where you have to raschitovat only on themselves and their equipment. Benefits consist of mining such that you can not share with anyone your profits and get it in full for the work, however, the rate of mining this is often an order of magnitude lower than the work in pools.

Pools or swimming pools - a bust hashes entire group of computers, consisting of hundreds or even thousands of miners gathered in a group. Thus, you get the opportunity to regularly receive small amount litecoin, in accordance with the work performed. The downside of these pools is the fact that endangers the validation of transactions themselves, though, thanks to the innovations available and eliminates the possibility of entering one of the miners, in case of success to give litecoin.

If you decide to Meiningen on a laptop, you first need to calculate the computational capabilities of your device and the profitability of such work, because in most cases, laptops are much inferior in performance, even desktop computers, not to mention the specially assembled units for mining . As for the calculation, there are several different calculators and tables that can demonstrate the effectiveness of your future work and the speed of production, and also allows you to assess potential investment opportunities.

Thus, you can easily calculate the possibilities, and using our informative articles, begin to effectively mine in the shortest line.