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How can I get Litecoin?

How can I get Litecoin?

There are several ways to get Litecoin on the purse (after, of course, you need to create the wallet):

Here you can download the latest version of the purse to work with their savings, provide programs for different operating systems.

1. You can request payment Litecoin for goods or services. If such conditions are satisfied both sides, then your contractor is translated by the required amount to your wallet.

2. Having your currency you can exchange for Litecoin through someone who owns them. However, reliable this method can hardly be called that because this operation is not carried out directly, you can easily be fooled. In fact, it is not an exchange, and two completely different operations: you give a man a separate currency, it translates to you separately Litecoin. To ensure mutual trust, except by agreement, can not be.

3. If you have a lot of free time, and along with the supercomputer, you can go mining - that is, to take part in the calculation of the new unique combinations. About Mining there are many separate articles, but should know that he is now almost does not bring significant results: you simply waste resources.

4. Finally, the most reliable and easiest way - use an automatic exchanger. Enter your existing currency, and receive in return Litecoin. Using a certified exchange office, you can perform these operations on a regular basis, without risk and without unnecessary inconvenience.

The first method is relevant only if you regularly deliver goods or services via the Internet and thus Accept Litecoin. The second and third methods are not recommended for those who value comfort and safety. The latter method - recommended for all. Of course, do not forget to use a proven, conscientious exchanger.