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Comparison of Litecoin with silver

Comparison of Litecoin with silver

In 2014, once again raised the question of the relevance of the analogy between the Litecoin and silver. Despite the debate, we decided not to move away from such a comparison, at the same time and do not know me in many countries, silver logo. So why is this cryptocurrency associated with silver, carrying the same parallel between Bitcoin and gold? According to the founder of Charles Lee, he came to the analogy with silver long before thought out technical details. What is the reason for such evidence. It turns out that several reasons. Let's try to deal with them.

Reasons analogies between Litecoin and silver

In total there are five such reasons:

1) Silver Medal - second only to gold. In addition to gold, silver and bronze prizes there. Therefore litecoin in the world top. The first place unconditionally belongs to the system Bitcoin, the third claim Dogecoin. All others in the shade.

2) Humanity is to use gold and silver coins for hundreds of years and in many different cultures, these metals are valued more than others, so the world is definitely called cryptocurrency Bitcoin gold. Optimists see the advent of when they will be used as often as the gold coins before. For small settlements and everyday purchases, when the "gold" will not actually be used "silver" - in his role and see litecoin. The transactions carried out with them easier and faster, and lower transaction fees.

3) Comparison with silver highlights the fact that cryptocurrency Litecoin has a clear value in the world. Similarly, silver - not just a metal litecoin - not just blocks of information.

4) Litecoin called Bitcoin for poor. Owning them easier to buy them more cheaply, so that they can afford those for whom that Bitcoin is still too high a bar. Due to the fact that you can buy, for example, a hundredth or a thousandth of Bitcoins, some people consider it inappropriate to use a different cryptocurrency, but the psychological aspect plays a huge role, and acquire litecoin (whole, not shares) is much nicer.

5) As the information world as the gold Bitcoins have established themselves, many agree with Charles Lee of the opinion that to break the analogy would be foolish. How people talk about gold and silver, so they talk about Bitcoin and litecoin. They are equally supported marketplaces, buyers and sellers cryptocurrency Litecoin par with its "big brother" occupies a place in history and economy.

Of course, some of these analogies do not stop endless debate. But, unlike fiatnyh currencies, which are subjected to numerous manipulations cryptocurrency continue to produce, and they fill the market - slowly but surely. In the new world of information, free from political conventions and unreasonable risks Bitcoin - gold and Litecoin - Silver advancing age. So it calls not only Charles Lee, but many experts around the world.